Holiday Rentals

A holiday rental is a property that is let out on a short term basis to holiday makers. This way of booking your holiday is becoming ever more popular. The reasons for this are easy to see, as it represents another experience – to live like a local while on holiday. There are a multitude of property types to choose from. You can browse villas, apartments, chalets, lodges, gites, chateaus, castles or boats. You get more room – not just a hotel room – you get a whole house, and a private pool to boot! You achieve more privacy – imagine lounging around your own private pool area!

When choosing to go holiday letting, the options are endless. Only limited by your imagination. Any country in the world, any type of property – because people like to rent out their homes, whether a private home, or a permanent holiday rental. Look through our website, and find villas in Florida, Spain and Greece. Find apartments in Paris, New York, London to name only a few. More exotic locations include Thailand, and the Caribbean. Once you experience the freedom of staying in a short term let, you will never want to go back to hotels again. No set meals, no struggling through crowds of people – it’s a different world!

Booking your accommodation direct from the owners can be very affordable. Comparing the cost to a typical hotel in the same destination, you can save up to 60% on the total charges. This can add up to substantial savings for a family holiday. Another added benefit and cost saving is the self catering aspect. Although self catering takes some of the relaxation element away from your holiday, the savings can be substantial when compared to restaurant meals. Now you can afford to rent a ski chalet, a holiday cottage, or even a private villa with a pool. What’s more, a luxury holiday may have seemed unattainable before, but now it can be achieved for an affordable price.

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