The most popular domain ending on the internet

When looking to buy a domain name people think of .com. The problem is most of the good ones are already taken. Big domain name registrars are marketing other top level domains like .info, .me, .ws for website and .co for COmpany or COrporation.

But just how popular are those domains? Should you get .net or .org if the .com you want is already taken? Will people take you seriously if your business website ends with some obscure extension like .tk for Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific, which you can get for free.

Is it worth getting a domain hack where you use other domain extensions to spell your domain name? A classic example of a domain hack is which uses .us for the United States. now points to

There are more and more country codes getting used as alternatives to .com domain endings. For example, people use .me (Montenegro) for personal sites. Several radio and music sites use .am (Armenia), .fm (Federated States of Micronesia), .cd (Congo) and .dj (Djibouti).

Based on Google data you get an idea which domain extensions are more popular. There are 14 billion .com domain names listed in Google and around 230 million .info domain names.

There are over 33 billion domain entries showing up in Google (Aug 2010)

The top 3 generic domains are .com (14.5 billion), .org (1.5 billion) and .net (1.4 billion)

The top 3 country domain names are .jp Japan (3.3 billion), .kr South Korea (1.0 billion), and .uk United Kingdom (just under 1 billion)

ICANN, the non-profit organization which manages .com domain names, publishes a list of .com domain name registrars every month. In April 2010, there were 882 accredited registrars selling .com domains.

The number 1 registrar in the world (in terms of the number of registered .com domains) is GoDaddy. They have registered over 25 million .com domains. (The second place registrar is eNom which has 7 million .com domains registered.)

In looking at the Top 10 .com registrars in the world, the average price to register a .com domain is $21.44 USD per year. The most expensive registrar charges $35.00 per year and the best price (including promotional sales) for a .com domain is $1.99 per year.

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